Chat wrap: Denver hoping to get Luck-y?

Here’s a look at some of the topics we hit during our AFC West chat, which was held earlier Thursday:


Michael K., Tujunga, CA: Why is no one saying the obvious, that John Elway is going to wait till next year to try and draft his fellow cardinal Andrew Luck who he clearly wants, and that all the talk about maybe drafting a QB this year is purely a smokescreen.

Bill Williamson: We've mentioned that possibility, Michael. I think Tim Tebow should be given the ball in 2011, a season in which not much is expected from Denver. If he fails, Denver could be in position to grab Luck. If he succeeds, it's a moot point.

Kansas City

Patrick, KCMO: In a recent post you wrote that you think Muhammad Wilkerson is an option for the Chiefs. What position would he be playing on our line with Dorsey and Jackson penciled in at the end positions? All reports are he is a very versatile player.

BW: He'd probably plug the middle of the line. He can move around, which is important in a 3-4.


Dan, Canada: Once free agency begins, would you say there is still any chance at all of Nnamdi coming back to Oakland? If not, do they go with a corner with their first pick in the 2nd round?

BW: I think we'll know if Oakland will bring back Asomugha or not whether they take a CB early. They have been studying CBs hard. if the Raiders grab a corner early it will be another sign Nnamdi could be gone.

San Diego

Evan, San Diego: If the top tier 3-4 DEs Watt and Jordan are gone at 18 the Bolts should trade down and take Heyward and stockpile some picks for a move later. You agree?

BW: They have a lot of picks, so they could get a lot of players in the first three rounds if that's the case. If they traded down I think they may look at Ryan Kerrigan, Aldon Smith, Muhammad Wilkerson and Akeem Ayers before Heyward,

Thanks to everyone who participated.