Five questions with Colin Kaepernick

I had the chance to catch up with Nevada quarterback Colin Kaepernick on Monday.

KaepernickKaepernickKaepernick has been rising up draft boards and the big-armed quarterback has visited nine teams including Denver, Kansas City and Oakland. He will likely be taken in the first two rounds and he could even go in the first round. I want to give fans of the AFC West teams a chance to get a glimpse of Kaepernick in case he becomes a member of the division soon:

Bill Williamson: You have been getting first-round buzz lately. What would that mean to you?

Colin Kaepernick: I’ve definitely heard that and it’s really exciting to think about it. To be a first-round pick would be a great honor. For an NFL team to think that highly of you and to make you the first guy they think can help them would be huge.

BW: You’re from California and went to school on the West Coast. Would you prefer to stay out West?

CP: For me, it really doesn’t matter. I think it’d be more exciting for my parents and for my friends if I stayed out West. But I look forward to going anywhere.

BW: You were drafted by the Chicago Cubs in high school as a pitcher. How close to playing baseball were you?

CP: If I didn’t get a football scholarship that was definitely the path I was headed toward. But once I got my scholarship, baseball was beyond me. I don’t see myself going back to it anytime soon … I do think I would have made the Major Leagues if I stayed with it. The way I progressed in football from my senior year in high school to now makes me think the same thing would have happened if I was playing baseball.

BW: Was the win over Boise State last November a life-changing experience?

CP: In a lot of ways it has changed since then. Nationally, I don’t think there was much attention to our team and me until that game. So that win put both our school and me on the map. It made me a serious draft prospect. It was definitely a crazy experience.

BW: Because there has been so much intense interest from the AFC West, have you found yourself studying the division at all just in case?

CP: I’m just waiting to see what happens. I’ve seen draft predictions having me go to almost every possible team. So, I’m just waiting. Once the decision is made, I will start focusing on everything. Thinking about that stuff now would drive you crazy.