Breaking down AFC West all-decade power rankings

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson

As part of our all-decade week, NFC West blogger Mike Sando compiled a 1-32 NFL power ranking for the entire decade.

Here is how the AFC West teams fared:

11. Denver
14. San Diego
24. Oakland
25. Kansas City

My initial thoughts were that San Diego and Kansas City were a tad under ranked. The Chargers have been significant players in the league for the past six years. They have won the fourth-most regular-season games (58) in that period. Kansas City has 66 wins -- it had 60 in the first seven seasons.

Denver may be slipping now, but the Broncos were very consistent for much of the decade and their 85 regular-season wins are the fifth most in the NFL this decade.

Oakland was perplexing because it has a Super Bowl appearance this decade, however, but the Raiders just completed the worst six-season tailspin in NFL history. That's why it's the lowest ranked AFC team that made it to a Super Bowl this decade.

Overall, the AFC West may be down at the moment. But this ranking shows you all has not been bad in this division. The four teams have a combined 280 wins this decade.