Mallett to Oakland?

ESPN draft analysts Mel Kiper and Todd McShay have compiled their second-round mock drafts to reflect the happenings of the first round Thursday night.

Kiper’s mock didn’t have a ton of surprises for the AFC West. However, if McShay’s mock goes to form, the AFC West is going to be in the spotlight Friday night.

McShay tabs Arkansas quarterback Ryan Mallett going to Oakland at No. 48. I have to say, if Mallett falls, he could be a possibility for Oakland. Quarterback isn’t the Raiders’ most pressing need, but he would be a nice long-term prospect and a good value at No. 48.

Kiper doesn’t see Oakland biting on Mallett. He sees the talented, but maligned dart thrower dropping nine spots later to Seattle.

After he wasn’t one of the four quarterbacks to be drafted in the first round, Mallett vowed to reward the team that drafted him.

“Whatever team is going to be smart enough to pick me, we’re going to make something happen,” Mallett said. “I just want to play ball, that’s what I say. I’m not disappointed. I mean I’m disappointed, but I have a chance to play in the NFL, so I’m not too disappointed.”

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