Around the AFC West: Haley wants 53 Cassels

Posted by ESPN.com staff

Denver Broncos

Kansas City Chiefs

  • Wide receiver Devard Darling, a native of Nassau, Bahamas, tries to create more opportunities for Bahamian athletes to pursue their gridiron dreams by hosting football camps in his home country. This year he'll be joined by teammates Dwayne Bowe, Bobby Engram and Larry Johnson.

  • During an interview with KCTV5's Brad Stephens, coach Todd Haley said,"If I could have 53 Matt Cassels, I'd be excited."

Oakland Raiders

  • The team's Web site has a profile of fourth-year guard Paul McQuistan.

San Diego Chargers

  • Why did LaDainian Tomlinson's mother, Loreane, write a book about her famous son? "People would be sent to me, reporters from CNN and ESPN and all over. They'd ask me, 'How did you raise a champion?'" LT's mom said.