Examining Kiper's draft grades

I’ve been flying all day after covering the draft in Denver, so let’s catch up on Mel Kiper’s draft grades for the AFC West teams.

San Diego


My take: I thought San Diego got good value, but frankly, I liked Kansas City's and Denver’s drafts better. I thought those two teams got great value and each team grabbed several impact players. No knock on the Chargers’ draft, but I don’t think it was the best in the division.



My take: I would have given Denver a slightly higher grade. Denver didn’t address every need, but this was a team with gaping holes all over the roster. It drafted five likely instant starters and it stayed true to its board. Denver came away with impressive talent on all three days of the draft.

Kansas City


My take: Kiper knows more about this deal that I ever will. But I respectively disagree with this call. Kansas City nailed it on all three days. This young roster just got more dangerous. I think it a Grade-A draft.



My take: I have a difficult time seeing how Kansas City and Oakland got the same grade. Oakland did OK and it got players it wanted. But Oakland’s draft is thinner than the Chiefs’ draft and this class will likely make less than an immediate impact. I didn’t hate this draft and it is in the C-range, but the biggest problem I have is it getting the same grade as the Chiefs.

Meanwhile, in an Insider pieceInsider, Todd McShay breaks downs his favorite and most questionable draft call for each team.