Power Rankings: Where the AFC West stands

Our spreadsheet superstar Mike Sando has compiled the results of all the ESPN.com Power Rankings series this offseason. We have had 10 rankings thus far.

The AFC West teams’ have done just OK thus far. As a division, the AFC West has compiled 489 voting points. It is tied with the AFC East for the fifth most combined division points. The NFC North has the most points with 793.

As individual teams go, Kansas City has the most points of any team in the AFC West with 177. It is in ninth place overall. San Diego is in 15th place with 128 points. Oakland is in 19th place with 101 points, while Denver is in 20th place with 83 points. Defending Super Bowl champion Green Bay is in first place with 479 points.

Remember, this is simply a collection of all the voting points and not an overall ranking. We’re lightening things up next week by ranking the helmets of each NFL team. Expect a wild voting on that one.