Chat wrap: Will Bush stay in Oakland?

Let’s take a look at our AFC West chat, which was held Wednesday:


Scott from Northglenn, Colo.: Do you think the Broncos should have found a way to trade up for Nick Fairley, or did they do the right thing with their draft moves?

Bill Williamson: They'd have Von Miller and Fairley and not much else. This is a team with major holes. Denver thinks it got five starters in the draft. Of course, these players don't have the ceiling that Fairley does, but a team much closer to the playoffs would make a trade like that, not one with so many issues.

Kansas City

Jon from Eagle, Colo.: Great blog, Bill. I read every day and love to see something about my Chiefs daily. Question: With Thomas Jones aging can we expect to see a heavier load for Jamaal Charles? If so, do you think that's dangerous territory considering Jamaal's build and what seems to be a lack of depth at the position? Thanks!

BW: Thanks, Jon ... I think that is going to be a key question for the Chiefs. Jones' production did slip at the end of last season. Charles is a weapon and he needs more carries, but there are durability concerns, so the Chiefs will have to be careful. The drafting of receiver Jon Baldwin in the first round should help. It will make the passing game more dangerous and give the offense more overall options.


Mike from Kennewick, Wash.: Do u think Michael Bush will be on the raiders roster next season?

BW: Well, it depends on what is the deal with free agency. But I think the odds are fairly good he remains in Oakland. I tell you this, if he gets free, I could see Denver showing interest. The Broncos could use a bruiser like Bush, as would several teams.

San Diego

Knowledge from Fla.: What would SD have to give up to get Steve Smith?

BW: Probably a mid-round pick, likely a conditional choice based on his 2011 stats.

Thanks to everyone who participated.