Does Brady Quinn have a future in Denver?

I’m out of meetings in Bristol. I wanted to post this when I had a chance.

A lot is being made of ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reporting on ESPN Radio Friday morning that John Elway and John Fox say that third-string quarterback Brady Quinn is in the mix to be Denver’s starting quarterback along with current starter Kyle Orton and second-year quarterback Tim Tebow, who is expected to get a chance to start at some point in 2011.

I believe it because they haven’t made their final choice. So, it’s smart that they are open minded.

Still, once training camp begins, I don’t see Quinn being in the mix for long. He is what he is. He’s a backup, at best. Tebow bypassed Quinn in the preseason last year and I don’t see him falling behind now.

I think, ultimately, Denver will go with Tebow but only after the Broncos look at every option. The Broncos have long said they won’t simply hand the keys of the offense to Tebow without fully examining the situation. Tebow survived Denver’s interest in the top quarterback prospects in draft. Now he must survive training camp, and Quinn will be part of that process.

Meanwhile, the Denver Post reports that Orton has looked sharp in workouts as he takes advantage of his time as a lame-duck quarterback.