Top 10 most disappointing teams

According to Sean McCormick of the Football Outsiders, in an ESPN.com Insider piece, the 2003 Oakland Raiders are the most disappointing team of the past 25 years. Here is part of McCormick’s explanation why.

Individual players get old, but it's unusual to see an entire team grow old overnight. Then again, most teams don't open the season with a 38-year-old quarterback, receivers who are 37 and 41, a trio of over-30 running backs and an assortment of defenders pushing 40. The Raiders clawed their way to a 2-2 start, but they looked slow and brittle, and the precision in their offense was gone. Then the wheels came off, as Oakland lost eight of its next nine games on the way to a 4-12 finish.

My thoughts? I find it difficult to see how this was the most disappointing team in the past quarter century. Yes, it had a lot of superstars, but how can you expect so many old players not to show their age? This team was built to make a run at the Super Bowl and it did in the previous season.

It was known Oakland’s window was closing then. I think it may be a tad harsh to come down on this 2003 group so hard.