AFC West mailbag

Mid-week mail call:

Abel Wang from San Diego wants to know if the San Diego Chargers will sign Kirk Morrison as a free agent.

BW: I could see the Chargers trying to add another inside linebacker. Morrison, now of Jacksonville and formerly of Oakland, went to San Diego State and still has major ties to the area. I think if he were fairly inexpensive, the Chargers could look at Morrison, although he is not a perfect fit for a 3-4 defense. I don’t think he’d be a high priority for a team that isn’t overly active in free agency, anyway.

Christopher from Wichita, Kan., wants to know if the Kansas City Chiefs could pursue San Diego running back/returner Darren Sproles in free agency.

BW: Sproles is from Kansas, so there would likely be some interest. Last year, before the Chargers secured Sproles, it was reported the Chiefs were planning to visit with him. However, that was before the team added returners Javier Arenas and Dexter McCluster. Plus, McCluster will probably have more of a role in the running game this season, so the need for Sproles would further lessen. If Sproles came very cheaply, the Chiefs could show interest, but I’m not sure they will pursue him heavily this year.

Tahoe from Denver wants to know if I think Carson Palmer could end up being the starting quarterback for the Denver Broncos in 2011.

BW: I think Tim Tebow or Kyle Orton will be the starter in Denver this season. I don’t see Denver looking to trade for another quarterback. If the Broncos are going to trade for anyone, it would be at a position of immediate need.