Chat wrap: What to expect from Chargers

A look at our AFC West chat, which was held earlier Thursday:


Noel from Denver: Hey Bill, how good a team would Denver had if it added Barry Cofield, Michael Bush and Charles Johnson to the team? Could it make the Playoffs?

Bill Williamson: It’d be improved in key areas, but I don't know about the playoffs. There's a lot of very good teams in the AFC.

Kansas City

Travis from Nevada City, Calif.: Bill, What do you think the chances Ricky Stanzi takes the starting job from Cassel? With all the extra pressure on Cassel to take that next step he’s going to try to extend plays which might get him injured leaving the pocket. If Stanzi gets a shot at some playing time how does he fair?

BW: I think the chance is zero for 2011. It's more of a 2013 thing.


Ryan X. Allred from Lynnwood, Wash.: Bill, Even though I live in the Pacific Northwest I am a diehard Raiders fan. My question is this. What's your opinion of the Oakland Raiders and their 2011 draft? Can you see any of these guys, with the exception of Wisniewski who should start, helping the team this year? Or was this another Al Davis reach for speed?

BW: The two corners and the LSU tackle have a chance to play, but all will have to earn their rookie playing time.

San Diego

Chris Duran from Mission Viejo, Calif.: Hey Bill, I've been dying for another Charger Super Bowl Run for years and think Rivers can do it, but they just don't seem to have enough to win it all. Do you think they have a better team coming in this year assuming they keep the free agents they want?

BW: I don't expect them to do a ton in free agency, because A.J. Smith is always careful in free agency. But the Chargers got depth in the draft. I think the key is health and a resurgence on special teams. If that happens, this team should win a lot of games.

Thanks to everyone who participated.