You pick it responses

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson

We had a runaway winner in this week's "you pick it" AFC West storyline feature.

It was the return to the practice field of San Diego Pro Bowl linebacker Shawne Merriman. The other candidates were Denver Pro Bowl receiver Brandon Marshall reporting to training camp despite his request to be traded and San Diego cutting linebacker Matt Wilhelm.

After careful consideration, I have to agree that Merriman's return is the story of the week. I was previously leaning toward the Marshall story. But Marshall only reported to avoid a fine. Merriman's return to the field was the result of nearly a year of hard work. Plus, his return is the key to San Diego's season. So his return is the winner in my book as well.

Here are some of your responses:

Wally from Tecate, CA: Shawne Merriman's return, no doubt. Merriman's game will have a crazy amount of ramifications.If he plays well, how much better will the Chargers defense be? Will he be the anchor that takes the Bolts to the Super Bowl? Will the Chargers be able to keep him next year? If they do, who will they let go to keep him? Would he play with the franchise tag? If he doesn't return to his 2007 form, will the Chargers still be interested in him? How will he affect the rest of his teammates? We all know he was willing to play hurt. Would he risk his knee and career for the Chargers to reach the Super Bowl? So many possibilities with this guy. Hope he plays well, helps the Chargers win it all, and he stay a Charger for the rest of his career.Go Bolts!

Ken from Pittsburgh, Pa: No brainer. Lights Out on the field= Lights Out for the NFL.

Kyle Larkin from San Diego, Ca: Storyline of those three has to be Merriman. Wilhelm is no real suprise. Marshall is only there to avoid losing money and has no real news. This is the first look we are getting at Merriman in some team play in nearly a year. It was discussed earlier this year about whether he or Brady was the more important return so he takes the cake here hands down.