AFC West mailbag

Mid-week mail call:

Jean-Pierre from Tampa wants to know if it would be a good idea -- if the season doesn't start on time -- for fans to boycott the entire season in protest.

Bill Williamson: Well, that will have to be up to the individual fan. I’m sure if the NFL starts late because of the lockout, many fans will go to games and many fans will watch on television. I’m also sure there would be a faction that boycotts the league completely. I think the owners and players understand this possibility and it will be something that both sides will want to avoid and will likely be on their minds as they try to start the season on time.

Steve from Nevada, Mo. wants to know if I think the Chiefs will use defensive end Wallace Gilberry more in 2011.

BW: We’ll see more and more of Gilberry. He is a good rotational player off the edge. He had seven sacks last season and he played in all 16 games. Gilberry started two games last season. He is best served as a situational player, but he has value and the Chiefs know he has solid value.

Derrick from Los Angeles wants to know if I think Ryan Mathews and Mike Tolbert will share carries in 2011.

BW: I think the Chargers want Mathews to be the primary runner and Tolbert to be more of a pounder in situations and in goal-line situations. Mathews had 158 carries in 2010 while Tolbert had 182 carries. Tolbert had more carries because Mathews missed several games due to injury. The Chargers are hoping Mathews will have better health and that he will be the lead back in 2011.