Scouts Inc. likes Jonas Mouton in rewind

The college scouting team at Scouts Inc. learned a valuable lesson when the San Diego Chargers took Michigan linebacker Jonas Mouton in the second round of the April draft.

The Chargers took Mouton with the No. 61 overall pick. Steve Muench of Scouts Inc. said the group had Mouton ranked as a high third-day prospect. Overall, Scouts Inc. saw 81 of their top 100 players ranked taken in the top 100 picks in the draft. Muench said the Mouton selection was one of the misses that most bothered the group.

Shortly after the draft, the group studied Mouton more and understood why the Chargers took him.

“We missed on him,” Muench said. “I don’t know I would have taken him that high, but it wouldn’t be fair to say it was a big reach.”

Muench, who said other NFL teams coveted Mouton in addition to San Diego, said there was a couple of reasons why Scouts Inc. under-ranked Mouton. They initially looked at Mouton, 6-foot-1, 237 pounds, as an outside linebacker, which several teams did as well. But Mouton will likely play inside linebacker for the Chargers’ 3-4 defense. Also, Muench said Mouton doesn’t have elite athletic ability and he may have been downgraded because Michigan’s defense was so poor.

“But look at him again, I think he is a guy who can be a contributor,” Muench said. “He has good instincts and he’s a good tackler … We can see what the Chargers liked in him.”