Rivers would take a lockout-shortened title

There has been talk recently that the NFL season could potentially be cut in half to an eight-game schedule because of the lockout.

That certainly wouldn’t be ideal for anyone, but San Diego Chargers’ quarterback Philip Rivers said in a radio interview that he would still be plenty interested in winning the Super Bowl in a shortened season.

“Oh, eight game season. That’s crazy. No doubt about it. Shoot you only played 10 in high school,” Rivers said. “Play eight, get in, let’s go. It counts the same.”

Rivers downplayed the idea that a title would be tainted in a shortened season.

“No. I certainly won’t feel bad if that’s the case and we’re able to go on and win it.” Rivers said. “Definitely, eight games over no season. Certainly prefer 16 over eight, but there needs to be football of some sort. I’m not ready to concede to the fact that eight games is a possibility. We still have two months to get something done. Two months and some change, three months almost.”

In the meantime, Rivers has continued to work with several teammates to prepare for the season, whenever it may start. He was one of the first players to organize team workouts during the lockout.

“We’ve been going for ten weeks now,” Rivers said. “ I’ve been super-impressed looking around the league and some of these teams have 50 guys, 40 guys, or 37 guys, but they’re doing these three-day crash sessions and then they are kinda scattering for a month and then they reconvene. We’ve gone 10 weeks, four days a week pretty solid with good attendance. We’re planning on doing a little more football here in the next few weeks, a little more organized trying to run some plays maybe. We tried to hold off as long as we could hoping that maybe something would shake and we’d be back at work. Since that hasn’t happened we’re gonna try and get that done.”

Still, there’s no doubt, Rivers is ready for organized team activities with the Chargers’ coaching staff at the team’s facility.

"I'm about to reach my limit, I'm going stir crazy," Rivers told CBS Sports. "I think it's just unfortunate we've come to this. The game is at an all-time high. I'm not talking about revenue. I'm talking about popularity. We're essentially putting all of that at risk. I don't mean just players. I mean owners, everyone. I didn't think we’d ever be here. I'm still shocked we're at this point … I grew up loving football as a game and I still do. The business side of it never appealed to me but I can't be a hypocrite. The business side has been beneficial to me but I always hated this part of it. It's not me. I don’t think it's a lot of players. Most players just want to get back to football."

And, at this point, even a half season looks appealing.