Poll results: Chiefs expected to slide a tad

According to our poll results, many readers expect the 2011 Kansas City Chiefs to take a slight dip in 2011.

Our poll was inspired by an ESPN.com Insider piece by K.C. Joyner. He wrote that he thinks the Chiefs will slide some this season. The Chiefs went 10-6 and were the surprise winner of the AFC West last season. In the three previous seasons, the Chiefs won a combined 10 games.

Our poll gave four choices to pick from: 12 wins or more; 10-11 wins; 8-9 wins or under .500.

As of 4:05 p.m. ET, 48 percent of the voters think the Chiefs will win 8-9 games. Twenty-seven percent think the Chiefs will win 10-11 games. Twenty-one percent think the Chiefs will finish under .500 and just four percent think they will win 12 or more games. More than 3,600 votes were tallied.

Seventy-five percent of the readers think the Chiefs will win between 8-11 games. I think that is fair. I know some people think last season was a fluke. The Chiefs will have to adjust to life without offensive coordinator Charlie Weis, and the truth is, the 2011 schedule is tougher. Those facts could indicate the Chiefs are primed for a slight dive.

Still, this is a young team that will get better. It seems to have drafted well again, and it doesn’t appear this team will lose many key contributors. So, there is no reason to think the Chiefs were a one-hit wonder.

Thanks to everyone who participated.