AFC West mailbag

Weekend mail call:

Alex Perry from Wichita, Kan., wants to know what are the chances of former Kansas City and San Diego coach Marty Schottenheimer being elected into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Bill Williamson: Alex, Marty was a fabulous coach, and he certainly has a rich history in the AFC West. However, I think it will be mighty difficult for him to be elected into the Hall of Fame. There is a major backlog at many positions. Many Super Bowl-winning coaches have long waits. Thus, a good coach like Schottenheimer who doesn’t have a Super Bowl on his résumé is not going to get a lot of support.

Brady from Fort Bragg, N.C., wants to know what the 2012 NFL draft order will be if the 2011 season is wiped out by the lockout.

BW: Brady, I get that question a lot. The answer is … nobody is saying. The league has been asked that question countless times, and it doesn’t have an answer. I don’t think the league even wants to deal with that. It wants there to be a season in 2011. If there is not, there will be many, many problems, and the draft order is just one of them. If it does get to that point and the lockout wipes out the entire 2011 season, my guess is the 2012 draft order would revert to the 2011 draft order. But that’s just a guess. Let’s hope that is a scenario that doesn’t develop.

Reynell Cabusas from Modesto, Calif., wants to know if the Chargers could land Terrell Owens, Steve Smith or Reggie Bush this offseason.

BW: The Chargers probably won’t pursue T.O. They never have before. I don’t see that changing. Reggie Bush may not be available, I don’t know if the Chargers would shell out big dollars for the local kid if he does become available. I’d say the best bet is Carolina receiver Steve Smith through a trade. It has been reported that Smith would like a trade to San Diego. It has also been reported that the Chargers will monitor Smith, who could be a solid complementary receiver for them. So, of the three possibilities, I’d say Smith is the most likely to end up in San Diego.