Raiders' offense takes shape

Oakland Raiders fans need to check out Seth Wickersham’s fascinating ESPN.com Insider piece on the plans new Oakland offensive coordinator Al Saunders has for quarterback Jason Campbell.

Saunders uses a layered, statistic-based plan called “SHAPE” to measure quarterback play. This is how Saunders breaks it down:

  • Site: Did the QB recognize the pre-snap defense?

  • Hot: Did he direct the "hot" receiver where to go?

  • Alert: Did he correctly alter the play at the line of scrimmage?

  • Progression: Did he correctly read the defense and locate his options?

  • Execution: How were the mechanics on his drop and throw? What was the result?

It’s a worthwhile read and it shows Saunders’ great grasp for quarterback play. This is one of the NFL’s long-tenured offensive gurus. If Saunders says we should pay attention to SHAPE, I’m game.