Sound-off responses

This week’s sound-off question asked readers to predict when the lockout will end. Here are some of your responses:

Michael from N.J.: I think a solid 6 weeks is needed for camp in order to have a preseason game worthwhile, and I do believe that two preseason games are necessary just to tune up and cut the rosters. So 8 weeks from the first day of camp in my approximation is the earliest they could dare to have the season start. If they don't get the teams in football shape there could be too many injuries and all around sloppy football when it does come.

Adam from Nashville, Tenn.,: Two weeks. One week to handle free agency, one week to camp, no preseason. The reason is simple...greed. The owners make less on preseason, so that is not important. The owners have had months to prep for free agency, so they will move quick. The players have been prepping (not great, but at least somewhat) so a week to get the playbook in and warm up. But it comes down to greed. The owners need the revenue, want to look good for the fans (so paying all the staff that got cuts and such retroactively is good PR) and frankly as long as they get a decent product on the field, they care less than we do.Now, if the players had their way, it would be 6 weeks minimum, but they dont so it is a moot point.

Tom Will from FTL: Friday, July 1, 2011. Don't know why, it's just a nice round date. Just in time to end when the NBA's lockout begins. The NFL has a knack for doing all it can to dominate the sports world. And what better way to maximize their value than to overshadow the NBA's lockout and announce football is back. Yes, the NFL is that cynical.

I think the readers made some good points. The truth is, of course, the sooner the lockout ends and the sooner the league season begins, the better. If this saga goes past July 15, we’ll be pushing it because teams will need some time to sign free agents and make trades before camp starts. Then there’s the preseason to think about with the hopes of starting the season Sept. 8 in Green Bay.

That’s the ultimate goal. I think we can still make it and give players and teams enough time to put out a quality product in Week 1. After all, that’s what everyone should be shooting for. We’ve been hearing positive reports lately, so perhaps progress will be made in time to make this lockout simply an offseason inconvenience instead of an event that adversely affects a season.