The start of a Fitzgerald-Orton union?

Lame-duck Denver quarterback Kyle Orton is working out with Denver teammate Eric Decker and Arizona star receiver Larry Fitzgerald. There have been rumors that Orton could be traded to Arizona. But remember, NFL players work out together often so it may not mean much. Still, Fitzgerald does have clout with the Cardinals and if he’s building a relationship with a quarterback, he could pass along his thoughts to the Arizona brass when the lockout is over.

In other AFC West nuggets Thursday night:

The Chiefs concluded a three-day work out session in Kansas City. Matt Cassel, Jon McGraw and Derrick Johnson organized the workout which was attended by more than 40 players.

"This was more of a mental practice, not a lot of physical going on," said Johnson. "You're running around, everybody working out. It's just a good time to get back with your teammates, get the camaraderie going, to freshen up on the mental aspect of the game and some basic plays."

My thoughts on these types of work out remain the same. They are better than nothing, but not as productive as coach-supervised events. Still, I respect the players for getting together and thinking as a team during a lockout.

Raiders players' Jacoby Ford and Stanford Routt made statements Thursday on a couple issues involving them.

Former Denver coach Josh McDaniels is cutting ties with Denver. He is selling his enormous Denver-area home for $2.2 million. I don’t see many locals being interested in the joint. McDaniels was one of the most despised figures in Denver sports history when he was run out of town in December after a disastrous 23-month stint as the Broncos’ coach.