Breaking down Ricky Stanzi

Prior to the April draft, I spoke to Steve Muench of Scouts Inc. about the quarterback prospects available.

Muench said one of his favorite prospects available was Iowa quarterback Ricky Stanzi. Muench had Stanzi rated as a third-round pick. Stanzi was a fifth-round pick by the Kansas City Chiefs, and Muench thinks they got a steal. Muench said he thinks Stanzi is a great fit for the Chiefs’ offense and he thinks he will benefit from the tutoring of Todd Haley and Jim Zorn.

Muench said he thinks Stanzi will be ready to take over the an NFL offense in the 2013 season if the Chiefs want to move away from Matt Cassel. Muench broke down the key reason why he thinks Stanzi will excel in the NFL.

Pocket Mobility: “He is not overly nimble, but he does move well in the pocket. Moving in the pocket is more important than being able to scramble, I think he can throw on the run and he rolls out both to the left and to the right. He sees the field well and he is good at avoiding the rush.”

He’s accurate: “He can have problems with arm strength, but he is accurate. He delivers tight passes and he is accurate on the run.”

He has room to grow: “Stanzi is 6-foot-4, 223 pounds. When I saw him at the Senior Bowl, I immediately thought he was underdeveloped physically, I think there is a lot of room on his frame to get stronger. That will help his arm strength. I think he can get more zip on his ball. I don’t think this kid has reached his peak.”

Muench knows Stanzi had a reputation at Iowa in 2010 of fading late in games. But Muench said he thought that Stanzi might have been a product of not playing with a great supporting cast and he noted that Stanzi’s numbers improved the past two years. He said Stanzi had 16 red-zone touchdown passes and no interceptions in 2010.

“I really like him,” Muench said. “I think the Chiefs got a really good player. I liked him better than some of the quarterbacks who were taken much higher than he was.”