Chat wrap: Chiefs' rookie class

We held our AFC West chat earlier Thursday. Here are some of the highlights as we worked through some frustrating technical difficulties:


Eric from Virginia Beach, Va.: With the off season shortened, what do you think the chances are that the Broncos keep Orton around a few weeks to give Tebow time to get up to speed and then try to trade Kyle before the trade deadline?

Bill Williamson: That's an interesting thought. But starting quarterbacks usually aren't dealt during the season. A team wants their quarterback in their system all year.

Kansas City

Ricardo from Kansas City: Do you think this year’s draft will impact the chiefs like last year’s draft? Who will impact the most? Offense and defense.

BW: If the Chiefs get out of this year's draft class what they did last year, and then this team is going to be in fine shape. I really like this class. I do think we'll see guys like Baldwin, Hudson, Bailey and Houston all make their presence felt. This is a good, young club.


Steve from Charlotte: Hey Bill, with Zach Miller going to be a free agent.. what are the chances he gets a big deal elsewhere and leaves Oakland? Does Al Pony up and lock him in long term?

BW: I think Al will do everything it takes to keep Miller. Of course, that lessens the chances of Nnamdi Asomugha staying. There is only so much money. The Raiders knew Asomugha was going to be free, but they were hoping Miller wouldn't be. However, they have talked with Miller prior to the lockout and I think they will keep him. Davis loves tight ends and he knows how dangerous Miller is.

San Diego

Evan from Delaware: In your opinion will Vincent Jackson smooth things over with the SD front office and return or do you see SD pursuing other options such as Plaxico?

BW: I expect Jackson to be in SD this year and for him to play very well. He'll be free in 2012. If he plays well and stays out of trouble, perhaps the Chargers will want to give him a long-term deal. But for now, the focus is on him playing well in 2011.