Should A.J. Smith still be mad at Eli?

In an interview with the Sporting News, San Diego Chargers’ general manager A.J. Smith caused a retroactive stir by taking a shot at New York Giants’ quarterback Eli Manning.

Of course, Manning didn’t want to be a Charger when the team had the No. 1 pick in 2004. The Chargers took Manning and then traded him to the Giants in a package that netted the Chargers star quarterback Philip Rivers in the draft-day trade.

Manning has won a Super Bowl with the Giants, but Rivers has developed into an elite player and is widely considered a much better player than Manning. Smith stoked the fires last week by saying this about Manning: "He was a Charger for 45 minutes and that was too much time to be a Charger, in my opinion."

Smith went on to say this about Rivers: "I believe with my heart and soul that he one day will lead the Chargers to a world championship. He's a great quarterback -- a phenomenal leader with great character, great work habits

ESPN.com’s SportsNation wants you to chime in on a poll on the matter. Do you think Smith should get over his beef with Manning or do you think he is entitled to hold a grudge against the player who didn’t want to play for him?

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My thoughts are that Smith can say whatever he wants about Manning. It’s just an opinion. I think the more interesting part of his comments was his overwhelming endorsement of Rivers and his expectation that his quarterback will win a Super Bowl. It has to make Rivers feel good, knowing how much confidence his boss has in him.