Is Tiki Barber a good fit in Denver?

I want to revisit a link I saw while I was on vacation last week.

Bucky Brooks of NFL.com (yes, he’s been popular on the AFC West blog today) listed Denver as one of five potential landing for former New York Giants’ running back Tiki Barber. Barber, 36, is attempting a comeback after a five-year layoff.

Brooks connects Barber to the Broncos because Barber and new Denver coach John Fox were in New York together. Brooks also mentions the Broncos’ need for a veteran running back as a reason why Denver could be interested.

If the Broncos want my advice (I’m sure they do not), I’d say stay away from Barber. The Broncos are rebuilding. They don’t need a running back north of 35 who has five years of rust on his legs. Barber is a novelty act. The Broncos are not in the position to engage in sideshows these days. Their sole focus needs to be on getting better.

Yes, the Broncos need a veteran tailback to pair with Knowshon Moreno. But there will be plenty available in free agency. And all of them are younger than 36 and have played in the NFL in the past five years.

That’s the route to go in Denver. Let some other team go to the Barber.