Chat wrap: Is Malcom Floyd headed East?

Below are some highlights from our AFC West chat, which was held earlier Thursday.


Clifford from Vancouver, Canada: Hey Bill, first of all love your blog! I have a question assuming that the lockout ends and we finally get back to some Football. With the youth infusion on Defense (which I totally agree with) and possibly Tebow under center what can we really expect out of the Broncos this year? I know making the playoffs this year is out of the question but that's why the games are played right!?

Bill Williamson: Thanks, Clifford. I think progress is what the goal should be in Denver. The playoffs are a ways off for this team. It is a young team and if the Broncos win 6-7 games and Tebow shows he can be the quarterback of the future, then that would count as progress.

Kansas City

Emenem from D-town: Chiefs got 4 players in this draft with "first round skills/abilities (Baldwin, Bailey, Houston, Hudson)." How much of an impact will these players have? Should we expect at least two of them to be impact players the way Berry was last year?

BW: The Chiefs are very excited about these players. I think they will all be contributors. Baldwin will start and Hudson will start if (Casey) Wiegmann doesn't come back.


D. from Portland: In reading some of the post from the Oakland Tribune, if looks like they are lobbying for the Raiders to select Pryor in the supplemental draft. I think it might be a wise move (if they use no higher than a 4th rounder). If Pryor does not pan out as a QB, he could be converted to another position (a la Ronald Curry, Ethan Horton, Dave Casper, etc.) where they had success before. What are your thoughts?

BW: We've talked about it a lot. I'd hate to see Oakland use its first or third-round pick on Pryor. The Raiders don't have a second or fourth-round pick next year. If Oakland got him in the fifth, why not? I don't think he is an immediate contributor, but if he's a cheap project, it won't hurt.

San Diego

Luke from Chicago: Does Malcom Lloyd walk? if he does, where does he go?

BW: There have been reports out of San Diego that suggest he will leave. I'm not sure the Chargers want to pay him big money, but I think he's a plus player. New England has been connected to Floyd often.