Sound-off responses

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson

Kansas City fans were mixed on this week's sound-off question.

I asked Chiefs fans if they were nervous about Glenn Dorsey. The No. 5 overall pick in the 2008 draft has struggled with his conditioning this summer as he tries to transition to a 3-4 defense and play defensive end.

Many fans admit they are nervous. Still, others believe Dorsey will adjust and work out well for the Chiefs.

I tend to agree with those fans. This guy has too much talent not to work out. He may not be a natural for the 3-4 defense, but Dorsey will find a way to make an impact. If he doesn't, then, I'd expect the Chiefs to seek to trade him in the offseason.

But give Dorsey a chance. He's too talented to give up on quite yet. Below are some of your responses. Thanks to everyone who participated.

Drew C. from Lawrence: I'm not worried about Dorsey. The guy has talent, and last year is not a fair judgment for any player of the Chiefs, it's hard to play inspired football on a 2-14 team. He has some competition this year with Alex Magee, which is good for him. It will force him to work harder and fight for his job. The LSU Tiger in him will come out to fight this year

Mark from Yardley, PA: Dorsey is under sized and I believe he will struggle mightily this year. He needs to on a team that has a bigger defensive tackle next to him so he wont get double teams.

Touch from Kansas City, MO: Dorsey should play zero technique nose. We have the support for it now. Its his natural position, a position in which he dominates. The 3-4 defense is his defense, literally. Taking him out of his natural position did have a negative effect, but he will shine in 3-4. even though they say he too small. We drafted him because he is a BEAST at nose! DUH?!?!

Brian from Charleston, SC: Not worried at all. Why? If he doesn't fit, you move on. Magee looks to be a great fit so far. It's not like we haven't missed on DL before. I would rather have a 7th rounder who can play in the lineup than a 1st rounder who can't. Too much concern over this issue.

Michael from Houston, TX: I never agree with any team drafting a DT in the first round. The potential for bust is far greater than the potential for success. Because it is very rare to see a DT make an immediate impact, I usually judge their success after 4-5 years, so here are some examples from 2004 and earlier: Dwayne Robertson, Jonathan Sullivan, William Joseph, Jimmy Kennedy, Ryan Sims, Wendall Bryant, Gerard Warren, Damione Lewis, and Ryan Pickett. So, all that to say, "yes, I am worried that Glenn Dorsey may be be a bust, but I am willing to wait another year or two before labeling him".

Grant from Goddard, Kansas: Hey Bill, I am a big chiefs fan, and as far as Dorsey goes, I feel confident he can make the transition. He is a hard worker, and since the chiefs will be playing a 3-4 under, Dorsey will be lined up in the 3 gap, which is the natural DT position he played in the 4-3.

Andrew Smith from Kansas City, KS: I am a little concerned about Glenn Dorsey. It seems as though his rookie year was a waste considering that rookie seasons are about learning. He spent a year learning one system just to have to start all over again. I believe that a player with his physical skills can definitely be an impact player at some point, but I do not see him being an impact player at defensive end in a 3-4. The most concerning part to me is that he came in to camp out of shape, knowing full well that people were unimpressed with his rookie campaign and that he was going to be in a new system that required him to play slightly out of position.

Nick from Quakertown, PA: I think it's a little early to call him a bust. He's been struggling with injuries and he was projected to be the best player in the draft that year. I'm optimistic that, once healthy, he'll be an impact player for this team.

Tyler from Manhattan, KS: I don't know that nervous is the right word. Expectations aren't the highest for Dorsey right now. Reports say he's been lazy for most of the off season but he is busting his butt and making a lot of progress in camp. If he's successful as an end, all the better for the Chiefs, if not, nobody is going to be surprised. I personally believe that Dorsey isn't a long term fixture in KC and that Magee will emerge as the dominant end across from Jackson. I just hope Dorsey has some decent trade value left for 2010. I guess to answer your question more fully, as a fan and eternal homer, I'm optimistic and patient about Dorsey.

Harley Mansker from Coffeyville, KS: Glen Dorsey is coming into only his second year of NFL play. Lets give the can't miss prospect a little more time to develop. He spends 1 year with a staff that gets fired after his rookie year. Next the new staff implements a new defensive system. The cat is a talented football player. I believe he just needs a little time.

Brad from KC: I called bust on Dorsey before the 2008 draft, and I was ticked off when the Chiefs took him. I admit it's too soon to call him a bust yet, but my original prediction was a bust due to injury, not talent. We shall see.

Matt from Conway, AR: Honestly I'm not worried that Dorsey will struggle, because he probably will. He was a great DT coming out of college and it will take time for him to adjust. It hurts him and the team more that he was not able to practice by failing to practice while he couldnt pass the conditioning test. This year, the D line will struggle no matter who lines up in the front three but the defense will be better with new D coordinator Pendergrast.

Carlos from Albuquerque: Hey Bill, I think Dorsey will not adapt well to the 3-4 and will earn the dreaded "bust" label this year. I liked Dorsey in last year's draft, but as a Raider fan, I'm glad we selected McFadden instead. I think Dorsey will end up getting cut, and ending up with the Raiders next year, where he will blossom.