Vincent Jackson saga update

The San Diego Union Tribune doesn’t expect Vincent Jackson’s role in finalizing the new collective bargaining agreement will be an issue. I have the same feeling. The Boston Globe is reporting that Jackson is among the players softening their stance. In the end, there is no way an entire player work force will be held up just because of a few players. The backlash would be brutal.

In other AFC West nuggets Tuesday evening:

Former Charger and current Jets free-agent cornerback Antonio Cromartie mentioned the Raiders as one of the teams that could be looking for a No.1 cornerback in free agency. The Raiders could lose cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha in free agency. Oakland re-signed cornerback Stanford Routt for three years and gave him No. 1 cornerback money. Combine that fact with other free-agency needs and salary-cap limitations, Oakland may have a difficult time making a play for Cromartie.