You pick it responses

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson

The Raiders' trade of holdout defensive end Derrick Burgess is the winner of our "You pick it" feature for the story of the week in the AFC West.

The other candidates were the signing of holdout top picks Tyson Jackson and Knowshon Moreno in Kansas City and Denver, respectively, and the Chiefs signing veteran receiver Amani Toomer.

While I know Raider Nation is excited about getting a couple of draft picks for Burgess (it was a good deal by Oakland), I think the story of the week is the Jackson and Moreno signings.

Burgess was not in Oakland's plans anymore. Both Jackson and Moreno are going to play key roles for their new teams. I think their signings were huge. But, again, this is your pick, not mine, so the Burgess story is the winner.

Here are some of your responses:

Gabriel Murillo from Kansas City, Kan.: It would have to Derrick Burgess gettin traded to the Patriots. The last time the Raiders traded a Pro Bowl player to the Pats he broke the all-time TD record. Some no name reciver named Randy Moss. So Burgess is most likely goin to have a breakout year. Maybe comeback player of the year.

Parker from Spokane, Wash.: I gotta go with the Burgess trade for this weeks pick it. Yes, the rookies getting signed is important but that was going to happen anyway, neither was a holdout prospect. Toomer is also tempting but there is a reason he was still an FA, he wont have a large or a long term impact. But the Raiders getting a 3rd and a 5th, not to mention from the Pats, for a player who wasn't likely to ever play a down for them again is a very big deal. The Raiders have had some trouble getting good production out of 1st round picks this decade but they have quite a few gems in the middle rounds the past few years. These two picks could represent one or two more players such as Morrison and Scott, not all-pros but very solid players, and could be play a part in the Raiders getting back on top. The draft is a long way off but this trade will have the most long term impact in the division of anything this week.

Juan Jorge from Santa Rosa: Burgess has held out of training camp and the reason? More money, you not mess with al davies for 1 for 2 you dont ask for money when the past two seasons you have had injury prone seasons last season he had 3.5 sacks and the year before 8, tom cable wants guys who are a part of the team and not only interested in themselves like derrick burgess, i loved burgess and wanted him and ellis to be a tandem but if you dont want to play for the raiders then get out! Luckily Tom cable probally convinced Al to trade him or else Al would have let burgess sit the pine all year!

Byron from Boulder, Colo.: I'd say rookie signings are huge. Being a Raider fan, I know what its like to not sign you 1st round pick. This is something that needed to get done sooner before later. Those guys need to get in camp.