Report: Vincent Jackson may be an issue

It’s being reported that San Diego receiver Vincent Jackson and New England guard Logan Mankins still may get in the way of the CBA. Jackson and Mankins want $10 million because they are unhappy about being franchised. Jackson denied the initial reports Tuesday and the talks went away, but they have resurfaced.

With the talks getting down to the nitty gritty, we should know the truth soon. In the end, there is little chance two players are going to get in the way of nearly 1,900 players getting back to work.

In other AFC West nuggets Wednesday night:

In an Insider piece, the Football Outsiders believe the San Diego Chargers have the most to lose in free agency. It is true. But the Chargers will have the resources to re-sign the players they want. The Chargers will lose some players, but they should be able to keep their top choices.

  • ESPN’s John Clayton looks at 10 potential salary-cap possibilities. None reside in the AFC West, but I could see a couple of these players being pursued by teams in the AFC West if they get whacked.

  • Here’s a piece that shows opponents blitzed (bringing in five or more pass rushers) Oakland at an extremely high rate. If the Raiders don’t continue to shore up their offensive line, I’m sure opponents will continue to bring the heat against them in 2011.