Oakland Raiders abstain from vote

The Oakland Raiders were the only team not to vote to ratify the new collective bargaining agreement. The league approved the deal 31-0 with the Raiders abstaining.

Oakland owner Al Davis has often abstained from league votes dating back to his long-term issues with the league. What does it mean? Nothing much. It was probably expected and it didn’t affect the vote. In the end, the Raiders must play by the rules of the league like every team that did vote.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said Thursday he hopes free agency will begin Wednesday and the players can voluntary start to go to their team’s facility on Saturday. He also said he hopes teams can start re-signing their own free agents and draft picks on Saturday. Undrafted free agents could sign beginning Sunday under the tentative current calendar.

The salary cap will be $120 million as expected. Here is an estimation of each AFC West team’s salary cap situation. Also, four-year veterans who are unsigned who will be eligible for free agency as expected. Here is a list of the top free agents in the AFC West.

What does all this mean? We’re getting close to football, folks. Very close.