Vincent Jackson made the right move

No player has been more connected to the tenuous final stages of the NFL labor talks this week than San Diego star wide receiver Vincent Jackson.

It seems he is no longer going to be part of the talks. After his name has bounced around the news all week, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported Saturday that Jackson has finally decided to give up his plea for individual financial gain in an attempt that could have held up the talks even longer.

Good move, Mr. Jackson.

Friday, Schefter reported Jackson wanted $10 million or no franchise tag for life. Jackson, who held out most of last season, was franchised for the 2011 season by the Chargers. Jackson had denied he demanded anything, but Schefter reported people close to Jackson made the demands. Jackson was reportedly the last of the 10 plaintiffs named in the players' antitrust lawsuit against the NFL that was unsatisfied.

Thus, with the entire football world wanting this long lockout saga to end, it was perceived Jackson was the only person getting in the way. That would have been a lonely world to exist in.

I understand that Jackson feels he should have the right to see what he is worth on the open market as he enters his seventh NFL season, and I understand he wants to recoup money lost from last year's holdout.

But the best thing for his long-term future and legacy is just to play along with everyone else and move on. Now, Jackson will be a franchised member of the Chargers in 2011 for certain and he can proceed with trying to have a monster year and to show the Chargers and the rest of the NFL he is worthy of a big-money deal.