Breaking down the Chiefs' game

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson

Random thoughts from the Chiefs' 17-13 loss to the Brett Favres, er, the Minnesota Vikings:

While they would prefer to be on the "happy side" of the ledger, this is exactly the type of final score the Chiefs want to see. They want to grind out wins.

It was a good night for quarterback Matt Cassel, who is not, I repeat, not in danger of losing his starting gig. Cassel completed 9 of 14 passes for 99 yards and a touchdown.

Among the most important developments was that receiver Dwayne Bowe played with the first-teamers, after entering game on the Chiefs' second possession, and got into a decent rhythm with Cassel. Bowe had three catches for 37 yards, including a touchdown catch from Cassel.

It seems Bowe's trip to the third string caught his attention. Chiefs coach Todd Haley was complimentary of Bowe this week because he responded well to the demotion. Expect Bowe to continue his bounce back and have a good start to the season.

The Chiefs' run defense played well. Superstar Minnesota running back Adrian Peterson had 44 yards on 10 carries. Minnesota had 93 yards on 27 carries total.

Reserve quarterback Tyler Thigpen was banged up last week and he didn't play this week. Matt Gutierrez played extensively. It's not out of the question to think Thigpen may have to scramble for a roster spot. If that's the case, the Chiefs should consider dealing Thigpen. He has some experience and I think there may be a team or two that could show interest in the gutsy Thigpen if the Chiefs decide he's not in their plans.

The Chiefs need to hold onto the ball. They fumbled four times Friday night.

Linebacker Corey Mays looked good and he continued to push for significant playing time,

The Kansas City defense gave up another long scoring drive. That needs to improve.

The offensive line looked shaky once again. This may be a problem spot for the Chiefs, which could affect the entire offense. Don't be surprised if the team scours the waiver wire for help. But at this point, there's not a whole lot of help out there.