Marshall situation gets uglier

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson

The Brandon Marshall saga took another turn when the team went to Seattle for Saturday's preseason game and left the disgruntled receiver at home.

The only other players not to make the trip were hurt. Hurt feelings shouldn't count, but Marshall was left home after asking to be traded again, the Denver Post reports.

This situation is getting ugly again after it looked like the two sides were making progress. Marshall was running with the scout team last week and he admitted he didn't know the playbook. However, a few days earlier, when he was getting significant practice time, the lack of playbook knowledge didn't seem to be an issue.

This thing is headed out of control. The Broncos don't want to trade Marshall. But if they use him on the scout team and don't take him on road trips, what's the use? They might as well trade him.

Do you think Marshall is bummed that he didn't go on the road trip? He doesn't want to be a Bronco and Saturday night, he won't be on the field.

In a strange way, the Broncos are playing into Marshall's hands by leaving him at home. The way I see it, this thing has three ways of playing out: 1) Marshall and the Broncos can get on the same page for this season; 2) he could be traded or; 3) this silly game will continue and the Broncos will end up suspending Marshall.

Of course, the only reasonable option is the first. But it doesn't seem like either side is close to making that happen.