Report: Denver mulled Haynesworth trade

The NFL Network’s Mike Lombardi dropped an interesting nugget via Twitter on Saturday.

He reported that the Washington Redskins (and Mike Shanahan) almost traded defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth to the Denver Broncos before dealing him to the New England Patriots.

It makes sense because Denver’s greatest need is at defensive tackle. Lombardi didn’t expand upon why the Redskins sent Haynesworth to New England rather than Denver. It could have been money issues for Denver.

I’m sure Haynesworth is pleased with the way it worked out. He will likely give it his all in New England because it is a winning program. He likely would have had difficulty getting motivated going to a rebuilding team, so Denver might have saved itself some headaches.

Haynesworth is the second big fish Denver almost traded for at the position this offseason. The Broncos considered trading up for a falling Nick Fairley during the draft, but it would have basically cost the Broncos their entire remaining draft selections, meaning the Broncos (who think they got five starters in the draft) would have only gotten linebacker Von Miller and Fairley in the draft.

The Broncos are talking to lower-level defensive tackles in free agency and will likely sign a couple. Jeremy Jarmon, acquired from the Redskins for receiver Jabar Gaffney, will also be in the mix.