Raiders still up against the cap

The Oakland Raiders’ bookkeepers are surely busy.

Today is their April 15. ESPN’s John Clayton reports that the Raiders enter the day more than $15 million over the salary cap.

Oakland should be able to get under the cap, but it will put stress on future salary caps to do it. Clayton believes the Raiders will have to restructure contracts of defensive lineman Richard Seymour and cornerback Stanford Routt to get under. The strange part of it is that both Seymour and Routt signed new deals in February. It’s fairly rare that contracts are restructured in the same offseason that they are originally signed.

The Raiders took some chances by extending players prior to the lockout because no one knew what the salary cap would be as part of a new CBA. There were just a few other deals made around the league prior to the lockout.

This cap squeeze is important now because the Raiders are trying to get a deal done with Giants tight end Kevin Boss. He would replace Zach Miller, who took a big deal in Seattle.

There hasn’t been much of a market for Boss, but the Giants reportedly have interest as well, and they are in better cap shape than the Raiders. If Boss can wait, the Raiders likely will be able to do something.

UPDATE: Clayton reports a new deal for Seymour could save more than $11 million. It would likely be a five-year deal than voids after two years. He currently has a two-year deal. Again, such moves help now, but they create issues for future salary caps, so the unwanted trend would continue.