Could Rivers reunite with college target?

If they lose receiver Malcom Floyd, as expected, the San Diego Chargers likely will add another receiver at some point.

Keep this name in mind: Jerricho Cotchery. He is expected to be released by the New York Jets as soon as Thursday.

I’m sure Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers is paying attention. Cotchery and Rivers were a lethal combination at North Carolina State, and they remain friends. Their relationship goes all the way back to high school in Alabama when they battled against each other in basketball.

“He was my guy,” Rivers once said of Cotchery about their college days. “It got to the point where, we were within the scheme, but it was just me-to-you, backyard stuff.”

Added Cotchery about Rivers: “He's a cool dude. We had a great chemistry. When you're on the same page, it's hard to stop. Philip and I developed that. There were times when we weren't even talking, just looking at the coverage or looking at the cornerback; he'd give a look and I'd know where to run.”

It’s just seems perfect, doesn’t it?

Cotchery, 29, has seen his production dip some. He had 41 catches last season. Still, I’m sure he’d feel energized in San Diego. He wouldn’t be the first or even the second receiving option. The pressure would be off him.

I’m not saying Cotchery is definitely going to land in San Diego. But if you add the team’s need there, his availability and his deep roots with the star quarterback, it would be foolish not to think it is a real possibility.