Orton vs. Tebow by the numbers

Thanks to Hank Gargiulo of ESPN Stats & Information, we have some statistical power to add to the Kyle Orton-Tim Tebow debate.

Regardless of the numbers, it currently doesn’t appear to be much of a debate. By all accounts, Orton is running away from Tebow in Denver’s training camp and he is a virtual lock to be the Denver Broncos’ starting quarterback.

What do the numbers say? Gargiulo ran several Next-Level numbers to compare Orton and Tebow. Gargiulo used 2010 starting games for each quarterback. Orton started 13 games and Tebow started the final three games. While Tebow has a much smaller sample size, the study showed that the two weren’t that far off each other in several areas:

Here we see how the two quarterbacks stack up when faced with a third down.

In this graph, we see how Tebow and Orton performed in the red zone.