Chiefs are hoping to stay on right road

ST. JOSEPH, Mo. -- As much as teams would like it to happen, Super Bowl parade routes easily aren’t mapped out in one season’s time.

The road to Confetti Lane is usually one that takes a few years to travel. The Kansas City Chiefs understand that. They are just happy to being headed in the right direction.

That’s what the 2010 season represented to the Chiefs, who won the AFC West title last season after winning a total of 10 games in the previous three seasons combined. While the pain of getting blown out at home by Baltimore in the first round of the playoffs still stings the Chiefs, they know it is all part of the process; a very valuable part.

The 2010 Chiefs gave themselves as taste of victory and now they know what it takes to get to the playoffs. The next step is to win a postseason game.

“Oh, absolutely, last year’s experience was important,” Kansas City quarterback Matt Cassel. “Guys in the locker room are confident after last year and we want to go try to get back and go further.”

Kansas City coach Todd Haley showed his team their entire 2010 highlight film early in camp. It was a productive coaching tool, Haley said. It showed everything the Chiefs did right, but it ended with scenes of a miserable Kansas City sideline in a 30-7 loss to the Ravens in the wild card round.

“Taking the next step is important,” Haley said. “Guys have to know that we did good things last year, but it takes more to win in the playoffs. Hopefully, we will give ourselves an opportunity to learn from last year and try to go further in our ultimate goal of winning a championship.”