Brady Quinn deserves credit

Buried in the nosedive of Tim Tebow is the revival of a former first-round pick.


The Denver Broncos didn’t make Brady Quinn the backup to Kyle Orton just because they don’t think Tebow is ready to be a backup.

Quinn is currently the backup because he is playing better than Tebow. Quinn is not ready to compete with Orton, but he has a chance to salvage his career.

Quinn was the No. 3 quarterback in Denver last year and Tebow was the backup. Quinn was brought over from Cleveland in a trade in March of 2010 that featured running back Peyton Hillis. We all know how that deal has turned out.

But, again, give credit to Quinn, a former starter in Cleveland, for committing to improve his game. Many folks in Denver think he has made great strides this summer.

He has looked solid in the preseason. He completed 10 of 16 passes for 130 yards on Saturday against the Bills. He looks like a competent NFL backup.

Matt Williamson of Scouts Inc. studied Quinn’s play Saturday night and he thought Quinn had made strides. He looked at the way Quinn has improved in getting rid of the ball faster. Williamson isn’t ready to say Quinn can be a star, but there are improvements and he can see why he is ahead of Tebow.

“Overall, I would say that he is an improved quarterback from his days in Cleveland,” Williamson said. “I didn’t see any wow throws though. He looks like a promising No. 2 quarterback without a lot of starter potential.”