What does Pryor mean to Campbell?

A lot has been made about how the Oakland Raiders’ selection of Terrelle Pryor in the third round of the supplemental draft will affect Oakland starting quarterback Jason Campbell.

This is how I see it: It doesn’t affect Campbell.

Pryor was drafted as a developmental player. Campbell is 29-years-old and he is entering the final year of his contract. Any team in that situation would be smart to add a young, developmental quarterback.

The Raiders have to protect themselves by thinking about the future. But I doubt the fact that Oakland drafted Pryor means Campbell is out of Oakland’s plans.

If Campbell has a first monster NFL season, Oakland will give him a big deal. If Campbell plays winning football and he has a positive influence on the Raider’s 2011 season, Oakland will likely re-sign him and keep him the starter for the next couple of years as it slowly brings Pryor along.

If Campbell regresses this season, Oakland likely won’t re-sign him. Then, it will likely add another veteran and have that player and Pryor compete (if Pryor is ready) for the starting job.

So, I think Campbell is still in control of his own future in Oakland, regardless of the fact that Pryor is now part of the organization.