Chat wrap: Is Brady Quinn trade bait?

Here are some highlights of our AFC West chat, held earlier Thursday:


John from Neb.: Any chance you think Denver could be showcasing Brady Quinn for possible trade bait?

Bill Williamson: It's possible, but I don't think that is the Broncos' motivation. But if someone offered a nice deal for him, I could see Denver pulling the trigger. But I don't expect it

Kansas City

Jeff F. from Harrisburg, Pa.: (Jon) Baldwin or (Justin) Houston has a bigger impact as a rookie?

BW: Well, I don't put too much stock in preseason, but so far, Houston has been more impressive. I think they will both get a chance to contribute this year. But Houston has a head start on making a faster impact.


Keith from New Jersey: If the Raiders were to bring in Lofa Tatupu, would he only be brought in to provide depth at linebacker? or would he be competing for the starting OLB spot?

BW: He'd compete for the weakside job with (Quentin) Groves. But Tatupa is a natural middle linebacker who has injury concerns. He's no sure thing. That's why he hasn't been signed.


Dejun from NC: Does this look about right in the division this year? Chargers 10-6 or 11-5, Chiefs 9-,7Raiders 8-8, Denver 5-11

BW: Yeah, in that range. I could actually see SD winning more games. If the Chargers stay healthy, watch out.