Chat wrap: Is McFadden due for a new deal?

We held our AFC West chat earlier Thursday. Below are some highlights:


Ryan from Denver: Any potential surprising cuts in store for Denver?

BW: Second-round 2009 pick Darcel McBath and fourth-round 2009 pick David Bruton (both safeties) could be on the chopping block.

Kansas City

Sweet Weaz from Essexville, Mi.: Bill, how's the Chiefs O-line shaping up with Jon) Asomoah and (Jared) Gaither? I've liked what I've seen from their offense the last two years.. and hope that it continues to mature

BW: They like Asomoah a lot. He was the reason why the Chiefs moved away from Brian Waters. Gaither will likely start if he is healthy. He played last week which was a good sign.


Keith from New Jersey: Is it close to the time to start talking extension with Darren McFadden?

BW: Good question, Keith. McFadden and Johnson came into the league at the same time. Johnson has been great his entire career. McFadden came on strong last season. If McFadden has another huge year this year, he could ask for a new deal. But remember, McFadden was the No. 4 overall pick in 2008 and Johnson went later in the first round, so McFadden has already been paid a lot. But it soon could be time to think about the second deal.

San Diego

Billy from SD: Does Darryl Gamble and Bryan Walters make the cut?

BW: It will be close for both guys. Walters may have a better chance. Gamble could be a practice squad guy although it would be a well, a gamble, to expose him to the waiver wire.