Reviewing the AFC West Power Rankings

The following is a look at how the AFC West teams fared in our first regular season NFL Power Rankings. I do not have a vote, but, of course, I have an opinion:

San Diego Chargers

Power ranking: 10

My range: 6-8

Why: I think the Chargers have a chance to be one of the NFL’s best teams. But they must find a way to start fast.

Kansas City Chiefs

Power ranking: 18

My range: 10-14

Why: I guess the voters pay attention to the preseason. The Chiefs were awful in the preseason and they have fallen four spots since the last Power Ranking.

Oakland Raiders

Power ranking: 22

My range: 17-19

Why: The Raiders have questions, but they also have a lot of talent.

Denver Broncos

Power ranking: 27

My range: 26-28

Why: The Broncos are near the bottom of the league, but I think there is more hope in Denver than there was at the start of camp.