What's next for Terrelle Pryor?

Terrelle Pryor's progression as an NFL quarterback will remain a mystery for now.

The Oakland Raiders declined an opportunity to see what Pryor could do when they opted not to play him in the preseason finale at Seattle on Friday night. Pryor -- who Oakland took in the third round of the supplemental draft last month -- now starts a five-week NFL suspension. He will not be able to play or practice during the suspension. He will be, however, able to meet with coaches on his own and study the Raiders’ playbook.

Here are a few thoughts on Pryor’s situation as he begins his suspension:

It’s OK that he didn’t play Friday: Don’t look at the fact that Pryor didn’t play against Seahawks as a sign that he is struggling. The truth is, Pryor is behind. He didn’t play football for months and he has been in Oakland’s system for a week.

Don’t expect to see much of him this season: When Pryor returns for the final 11 games, don’t think he will be an instant contributor. He will be very behind and the team will be in the heat of the season. The coaching staff won’t have extra time to get Pryor ready. We might see him in some special packages, but mostly, Pryor’s rookie season will be one of learning.

Edwards could be in trouble: It looks like Kyle Boller has moved ahead of Trent Edwards as Oakland’s backup. When Pryor joins the 53-man roster it is unlikely Oakland will keep four quarterbacks, so Edwards could be expendable when Pryor comes back Oct. 10.