AFC West mailbag

Weekend mail call:

Tavich Gerst from Sherwood, Ark., wants to know if I think the Raiders could feature Darren McFadden and Taiwan Jones in the Wildcat formation this season.

Bill Williamson: McFadden was a Wildcat star in college and he has occasionally ran out of it in Oakland. Jones would also be perfect to run the Wildcat because of his speed. The Raiders have a chance to create some special packages because of their unique speed and the Wildcat could be part of that plan.

Josh H. from Kansas City wants to know if I think analysts are being too critical of Denver quarterback Tim Tebow.

BW: Tebow is a polarizing figure and everyone has an opinion. But I think the most important thing is being overlooked. It doesn’t matter what anyone outside of the Broncos organization thinks about Tebow. Because he got most of the third-string snaps this summer and he did not make strides toward becoming the starter, it means the Denver brass is currently not really high on Tebow. That is all that matters.

Kyle from Norcal wants to know if I think Oakland punter Shane Lechler and Oakland kicker Sebastian Janikowski have a chance to make the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

BW: In short, Kyle, no. There is a huge logjam of Hall of Fame-worthy players who are still waiting to get in. And these are at premium positions like receiver, tackle and pass-rushers. There are also many great punters and kickers who are not in Canton and who may never get in. If Ray Guy never gets in, neither will Lechler or Janikowski.