Halftime notes

DENVER -- Halftime notes where the Oakland Raiders lead the Denver Broncos 16-3 in a sloppy game:

  • Seabass just tied an NFL record. Back with more soon.

  • Denver’s offense is out of sorts.

  • It really can’t get anything going either by the pass or the run. Denver has 140 yards of offense at halftime.

  • The Raiders’ offense hasn't done much either against an improved Denver defense. But the Raiders have taken advantage of a turnover and a blocked punt for a lead that could be too much for Denver to overcome if its offense doesn’t get into gear.

  • Both teams have bee undisciplined. Denver has been penalized eight times for 71 yards and Oakland has been flagged eight times for 55 yards.

  • The rain storm that hit earlier in the game has calmed down.

  • Denver safety Brian Dawkins may be 37, but he can still deliver the wood. He had two huge hits Monday night. Dawkins is being used mostly in run situations.

  • Denver defensive end Elvis Dumervil is only playing on passing downs. He injured his shoulder and the team is using him in situations where he is most valuable.

  • Oakland used a Wildcat play with Darren McFadden getting the direct snap. He pitched to Jacoby Ford. It was snuffed out for a three-yard loss. But that’s a lot of speed for Oakland in the backfield. It will use the formation again.