Best in the West

Here is a look at the division leaders in some key statistical categories after Week 1:

Passing yards

Player: Philip Rivers, San Diego.

Yards: 335

What does it mean: Rivers wasn’t sharp for the entire game, but he was when the Chargers most needed him to be.

Rushing yards

Player: Darren McFadden, Oakland

Yards: 150

What does it mean: The brilliant McFadden leads the NFL in rushing.


Player: Brandon Lloyd, Denver

Yards: 89

What does it mean: Lloyd wants to show 2010 wasn’t a fluke.


Player: Takeo Spikes, San Diego

Total: 11

What does it mean: The fiery inside linebacker had a tremendous debut for the Chargers.


Player: Richard Seymour, Oakland

Sacks: 2

What does it mean: He is the leader of a dynamic front four.


Player: Matt Giordano, Oakland; Shaun Phillips, San Diego; Brandon Flowers, Kansas City

Interceptions: 1

What does it mean: It’s way too early to tell.