Rivers leads AFC West in Total QBR

Let’s look at how the AFC West’s four quarterbacks rated in ESPN Stats & Information’s Total QBR:

Philip Rivers, San Diego

Week 1 QBR: 52.8

NFL rank: 17

Comment: It must have been a pretty good week for quarterback play, because Rivers was nails when it counted.

Kyle Orton, Denver

Week 1 QBR: 33

NFL rank: 21

Comment: There’s a big dip from No. 17 to No. 21 this week. Orton was not good against Oakland.

Jason Campbell, Oakland

Week 1 QBR: 22.8

NFL rank: 26

Comment: Campbell didn’t do much, but the Raiders were fine with it. This game was all about winning on the ground.

Matt Cassel, Kansas City

Week 1 QBR: 11.2

NFL rank: 31

Comment: Cassel hasn’t been good since Charlie Weis announced he was leaving the team. Just saying.