Tebow handles awkward situation well

Tim Tebow is not in a great situation.

TebowTebowHe didn’t ask fans to chant his name Monday night. He didn’t ask fans to say they will buy a billboard, urging the Broncos to replace Kyle Orton with Tebow. He didn’t ask for his situation to be daily sports-talk radio fodder.

Yet, he has to deal with it. It has to be uncomfortable as he tries to fit in with his teammates.

Give Tebow credit. He has handled the storm well publicly.

On Thursday, he was asked about the latest episodes. He handled it beautifully. He said he appreciates fans' support but he will remain patient. He also asked fans to use the money they would for a billboard (it reportedly cost 10 grand) to donate to his foundation instead. Perfect.

This saga surely will continue if the Broncos and Orton continue to struggle, but Tebow has shown he is equipped to handle the sideshow. Now, if he can only convince Denver’s coaching staff he is ready to play.

By the way, this is what Denver coach John Fox had to say about the billboard idea:

“I’ve seen a lot of billboards, and I can’t think of one that really influenced me,” he told reporters with a laugh Thursday.